Recipe: Crunchy squid ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Crunchy squid ball


Hahahahahahahaha, Sikang is the scooter in the shape of a small ball! Why should I invent this kind of thing hahaha! However, the volume becomes smaller and the crispy part becomes more, and the taste is really good! I like! /*' >')/*



  1. Choose your favorite flavors, prepare materials, mix, and knead the dough

  2. Knead the dough into 1cm thick and cut it into many 1cm squares with a knife.

  3. Cut the cubes into small balls, without excessive smashing, forming

  4. Preheat oven 180°C

  5. Sikang ball into the oven, 180 ° C, 20 min

  6. If the skin is not crisp enough, you can turn it down a little for five minutes.


1 This is the oil-free crispy Sikang formula that I have used many times recently: This time, the onion cheese flavor was added with gold cheese powder, dried onion, chopped green onion, chopped onion and chopped queso tierno cheese, plus whipped cream and milk. The sweetness comes from honey. 2 Doughly dry the dough as much as possible, so that it can be molded, so that the inside will not be too wet, but it will feel rustling and the skin will be more crispy. 3 Sco balls try to be a little smaller, and then leave a little space between each ball. 4 It is better to heat up for two minutes before each meal!

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