Recipe: Crispy papaya

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy papaya


Sour, delicious ~ ~ radish, cucumber, you can also use this practice to do ~ ~



  1. Peel, cut or slice the raw papaya, it is recommended to cut thicker, eat more crisp ~ ~ then salted for 20~30 minutes ~ ~ remove the smell of papaya ~

  2. Put water, white rice vinegar, a small amount of salt, a small amount of sugar, all into the pot to boil ~ ~ then let cool spare ~ ~ must be put cool, not hot ~ ~

  3. Papaya marinated in the water, rinse, then drain the water~

  4. Put the papaya in the cold white rice vinegar water, then you can put a few peppers on the spicy food you like, soak it for one night~~ The next day, the crispy papaya can eat it~~ radish and cucumber You can also do this with this method~~

  5. After eating, the water should not be dumped, it is ok to repeat it~~ Is it very convenient~~


It is recommended not to use vinegar essence, because it is too pungent, it is better to use white rice vinegar~~~

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