Recipe: Crispy large intestine

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy large intestine


It was crispy and tender inside, because I went to Chaozhou cuisine once and ate it, so I bought myself and went home. good to eat.



  1. Wash the pig's large intestine with salt, pay attention to the inside and wash it with water.

  2. Drowning, put the water into the large intestine, boil, take out the large intestine

  3. Put two pieces of ginger in the water, a little cooking wine, a stewed pork seasoning package, boil over the fire, enlarge the intestines, boil, turn to the guy for one hour.

  4. Take out the large intestine and rinse with cold water. Adjust the sweet and sour juice (sugar: vinegar = 2:1), covered with large intestine. Use a bamboo stick to wear it and hang it on the pool wall for one hour.

  5. If there is still water, squeeze it clean. Hot-fried large intestine looks red

  6. Cut the large intestine into small pieces

  7. Tricks (sugar: vinegar: ketchup = 2:1:1), eat in the large intestine


Very simple dish, not testing technology... but spending time

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