Recipe: Crispy fried silver fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy fried silver fish



  1. After washing the silverfish, drain the water. It is best to use the kitchen paper to dry the surface. Add salt, cooking wine, ginger and pepper. Mix well and let it stand for a while.

  2. Add a little raw flour (about 3:1) and a little salt to the flour, adjust to a slightly thick paste with a proper amount of water, add 1 teaspoon of cooking oil and mix well; let the batter lick for half an hour, add 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and mix thoroughly before frying.

  3. The oil pan is burned to 70% heat, and the silver fish is rolled into the oil pan and fried until the outer shell is shelled. When the oil temperature rises to 80% heat, the silver fish is re-fried until golden brown. Drain the oil and use the kitchen paper to remove the surface oil, then you can put the plate; the outside is crisp and tender, sprinkle with salt or salt and tomato sauce is delicious.


When marinating fish and preparing batter, just put a little salt; the baking powder should not be mixed with flour paste at the same time. It will affect the effect of bulking for a long time; the oil temperature should be hot enough when the first fry, the fire should not be too big In order to avoid the coloration being affected; when the bomb is fried, the fire will be blown to the color.

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