Recipe: Crispy beer chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy beer chicken


Generally speaking, ducks and beer are used to make beer ducks. Speaking of this beer duck, it is the same as the West Point of Brownie and Maifen. It is the food caused by the "inadvertent" "mistakes". It originated in Chongqing. It is said that when a diners were eating hot pot, they accidentally knocked a beer into the duck pot. It was said that the scene at that time was: suddenly, the fragrance was fragrant, its taste was tempting, and the rise of beer was used as a seasoning to cook. duck. Today, I accidentally "old hens become ducks" and make a beer chicken to taste for my parents. ^_^



  1. After the chicken is cleaned, first pass a boiling water, and immediately pick it up after the blood

  2. Pour the beer and all the seasonings into the pot, and put the chicken in. After boiling for 10 minutes, simmer on low heat and slowly stew. In the middle, you need to keep the soup poured on the chicken to play the role of coloring.

  3. After completely collecting the juice, remove the chicken, after a little cool, brush the honey on the chicken, microwave the barbecue function for 2mins, then brush the honey water again, continue the high fire 3mins

  4. Cut, put on the plate

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