Recipe: Crispy banana chips

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy banana chips


Healthy snacks to do it yourself - crispy banana chips



  1. Banana slices, bananas should choose the freshest hard-boiled bananas (you can't use unripe bananas, or you will eat them if you eat them), you can cut them into thin slices, try to be thin, homemade banana slices and The factory produces different processes and can only win by thin

  2. On a non-stick cloth

  3. Apply a layer of fine sugar to the surface. Remember to make fine sugar, don't use powdered sugar, don't make too much sugar, and taste bad. Although the banana itself is already very sweet, the fine sugar helps the crispness of the finished product, so you can use a thin layer to help you.

  4. The oven is 100 degrees, the upper layer, the time is about half an hour to 40 minutes, but the main thing is to look at the actual situation. If it is soft and sticky, it will continue to be baked again. Anyway, this is low temperature baking, and it can't cost too much electricity. If the oven is rotated by hot air, it will be opened at the same time. The drying speed will be faster. After the surface is not sticky and has been formed, it will be lifted from the tarpaulin. You see, it is already thin.

  5. Then move them to the baking net and continue to 100 degrees, the middle layer, about half an hour. When it is grilled on the net, it will be slightly softer, because one of the previous ones is attached to the tarpaulin. This step is to let both sides dry, and then dry until both sides are dry. It is already obviously crisp and hard to form. It can be. If the time is up, it's not enough. Just add some time to bake, don't keep staring. Low temperature, will not burn off

  6. After drying, it will be the most crisp when it is completely cooled. If you don't want to eat it immediately, put it in a dry storage box and store it.

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