Recipe: Cress and onion mixed with fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Cress and onion mixed with fungus


It is difficult to resist the heat, only the refreshing back to Gan is the most appetizing. The spicy flavor of the onion is accompanied by the unique fragrance of cress, eating simple appetizing side dishes and drinking a sweet rice wine. This horrible weather may not be so difficult.



  1. Wash cress, onions, and wash and wash the fungus. Cut the cress into small pieces, boil it in hot water, and add it to the ice water for use. The fungus is hot and hot.

  2. Mix the iced cress, the hot fungus and the sliced ​​onion, mix well with the seasoning, and sprinkle with the parsley.


1. After the cress is hot, put it in ice water to keep the color and taste of the cress. 2. When mixing vegetables, first add soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and then sesame oil.

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