Recipe: Crabmeat salted egg yolk fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Crabmeat salted egg yolk fried rice


The perfect combination of crab meat and egg yolk, the grain is delicious. Both “leftover crabs” and “leftover women” have spring.



  1. Crab removes the meat for use

  2. Chopped green onions, carrots chopped

  3. Put a little oil in the pot, add the onion and saute, add the crabmeat and salted egg yolk and stir-fry a small amount of oil.

  4. Stir in rice, season with a little oyster sauce


A delicious person, the greed of delicious food is endless, Jin is a delicious woman, after opening a food blog, it is more blatant and shameless to search for delicious food. Whenever I was ridiculed as "Shantou", I always arbitrarily argued: "Hey, this is the instinct of people!" In this regard, Mr. Liang Shiqiu said: "Hey, it is important in the quality of food, the most needed Satisfy is the taste. God is born, put a tongue in his mouth, there are countless taste buds on the tongue, teach people to be worthy? Hey, based on physiological requirements, can also develop into a near-artistic taste." What if I ask you the most? I will probably blurt out: "Crab!" I want to be born in an inland city. When I was young, the food was scarce, and the food was rare. Eating shrimp and crab seafood is a very beautiful thing. At that time, I was ignorant of reading "Dream of Red Mansions". I loved the chapters of the Grand View Garden and made crabs. The beauty, beauty, and beauty are so beautiful! Therefore, the crab eating in Jin seems to be the elegant thing of heart and mind. When I first came to the offshore city, I saw that the small vegetable market had a wide variety of seafood sales, and the price was cheap and pleasant. I bought a steamed basket and served with ginger vinegar and a flower carving with plums. When the two were eating at the table, they felt that the world was so happy. When it comes to the Crab Festival, there are also a lot of crabs in the hometown seafood market, but it can be a day of the day. As I grow older, I am more grateful for food, and I can understand the cherishedness of my father's food. Crab is a savory savory taste, it must be fresh, it is now steamed and eaten, and it is a flash in the pan. The cold crab that is so overnight can only be the yellow flower of tomorrow. I have a pity for the crab. The crab is fried and served with salted egg yellow rice overnight. It is delicious. Speaking of "leftover crabs", it is reminiscent of an emerging vocabulary "leftover women" (Baidu search: refers to modern urban women, most of them have high education, high income, high IQ, looks and impeccable, because they choose their spouse The demand is relatively high, resulting in an unsatisfactory fate in marriage, and become a young woman who is a "leftover woman.") I am quite disdainful about this statement, "leftover crab" and "leftover woman" are the essence, the more to the end The more exciting! Only the benefactors who are treated to see and cherish each other must be beaten and thanked, so the "leftover crab" and "leftover women" have spring, haha!

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