Recipe: Crab yellow egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab yellow egg


Crab yellow eggs, as the name suggests, are to cook the taste of crab yellow eggs. Usually we eat crab yellow, will use rice vinegar, sugar and ginger to make a taste of juice, that sweet and sour taste and crab is very good, and crab cold, ginger warm, just can play a complementary role ~ Now change the protagonist into an egg and cook it with the same seasoning. The taste of the egg made is very similar to that of crab yellow. Moreover, the yellow-yellow duck egg yolk looks like a crab yellow. Moreover, this dish is almost zero failure ~ I learned to burn a total of two times, the second success, as long as the ratio of sugar and vinegar is mastered, it is absolutely amazing!



  1. 4 eggs are put into the bowl, 2 salted duck eggs are put into the egg liquid, the egg yolk is placed in another bowl, ginger is cut into fine

  2. Add chicken essence to the egg liquid, 3 teaspoons of sugar, chopped ginger, stir well, be careful not to break the egg yolk

  3. Salted duck eggs are chopped with a knife (or scissors) and finally mixed in egg liquid.

  4. Put the oil in the pan and burn it to 70% heat. Pour in the egg liquid and stir fry with a spatula. When the egg liquid is solidified, pour in white vinegar.

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