Recipe: Crab white tofu seafood soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab white tofu seafood soup


I also included this dish in my Year of the Rabbit Auspicious Series, because it uses just five ingredients: cabbage, tofu, cuttlefish, crab legs, and clams. So named: Wufu Linmen. Cabbage in the auspicious words means "hundred wealth", the new year eats cabbage, has the meaning of lucky money, has a good health effect, so there is a saying in the folk "100 dishes are not as good as cabbage." Made into seafood soup, crab meat and clams are a little bit blended in the soup water, and then absorbed by the cabbage, even the old tofu has become endless. The red crab legs are lined with jade-like tofu and verdant cabbage, which makes people feel the sweetness while enjoying the delicious aftertaste. After tasting the numerous nourishing and thick soups in winter, it is undoubtedly the most oily and eye-catching soup.



  1. First cut a small piece of cuttlefish into a flower knife, then slice it into a small piece.

  2. Crab legs must be fresh, it is best to find the old stall owner, otherwise it will affect the taste of the soup. My treatment method: the more difficult to clean the legs, steamed in a steamer for 3 minutes, then use the back of the knife to break the meat out. Cleaner parts, just throw them into the soup and cook together

  3. Tofu is first soaked in salt water

  4. Put the oil in the pot, when the heat is 70% (the hand feels a certain heat on the top), add the scallions and white ginger to the scent, then add the cabbage and stir-fry, add the right amount of water.

  5. When the water is open, put it in the text. (There are many ways in this step, according to personal habits)

  6. After the water is opened, the tofu is put into the same cooking.

  7. Put the crab leg meat, the cuttlefish is easy to cook, so put it in the end, see the squid roll up, sprinkle salt and pepper, quickly pan


Treatment of the cuttlefish: Because it is necessary to satisfy the seafood king of the family, the squid often eats a large one in a few days. Buy it back, I often clean it and divide it into four parts. The head can be cut to make it a heavy taste. The body is divided into three parts. It can be used to cook seafood soup, soy sauce soy sauce (Fujian local practice), and also enrich the ingredients in the usual rice noodle soup. Put it in the freshest time, it can still be delicious in about half a month~ but my family can't wait for so long :)

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