Recipe: Crab sticks with asparagus pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab sticks with asparagus pasta


Simple and fast, the crab stick is especially delicious.



  1. Pasta boiled in boiling water until a little hard core is left, and salt is given in the water.

  2. Onions, minced garlic, fried with olives

  3. Add asparagus and cabbage to the fry, then add the crab stick and continue to stir fry

  4. Add a small amount of salt, white wine, cooking wine and black pepper to the seasoning, then add pasta and stir fry for a while.

  5. Finally, pour the boiled water into the pot and simmer for one minute until the juice is collected.


Crab sticks can be increased or decreased according to the degree of preference, but too much taste will be too fresh. Vegetables can be combined at will, I added a little bit of lettuce on the cooked side to make the pasta more refreshing.

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