Recipe: Crab steamed mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab steamed mushroom



  1. The crab meat stick is torn out and packaged. The enoki mushroom is cut into the roots and washed, and the scallion is cut into circles.

  2. Flammulina velutipes are placed in the boiling water and then boiled, then placed on a plate with crab sticks on top.

  3. Put water in the steamer, boil over high heat, plate into steamer, steam for five minutes in medium heat

  4. The crab meat stick is torn into silk, and each mushroom and the mushroom are torn apart. Add salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, rice vinegar and shallot.


1. If you don't use the steamer, you can put more seasoning in advance, then cover the plastic wrap and put it in the microwave for a while. 2, Flammulina mushrooms should not be too hot at first, otherwise it will affect the taste. 3, seasoning can be freely matched, put some sesame sauce, chili oil, taste is not bad.

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