Recipe: Crab soup bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab soup bag


Crab yellow soup bag I don’t know if you have ever eaten it. The crab yellow soup bag is a traditional food from Jiangnan. It has the unique personality of making "exclusive", "beauty" and eating "odd". It has a long history of hundreds of years. Wen Wei, one of the top five names in China. What I share with you today is the homemade crab soup bag. Of course, my craft is not as expressive as in the traditional way.



  1. Pour the oil into the pan, pour the removed crab shell, pour the stir fry over low heat, and slowly simmer the crab oil.

  2. Pour the removed crab meat into the frying pan in the oil pan, then put it aside

  3. Put the pig skin into a cold water pot, boil until boiling, remove the floating foam by cold water, put the pig skin, onion knot and ginger piece after water into the electric pressure cooker, drip into the cooking wine, fish sauce to simmer, pour a small amount of water Stew until soft

  4. Put the fried crab meat into the minced pork, pour a little crab oil, stir evenly, add onion ginger, sugar, soy sauce, salt seasoning, pour a small amount of broth, whipped

  5. The boiled pork skin is taken out, put into a cooking machine and made into a mud. After being put into a bowl, pour it into a bowl, mix it with a small amount of boiled pork skin soup, stir into a thin paste, and let it cool down and then refrigerate until it freezes.

  6. Add water to the flour and stir it into a snowflake shape, then knead it into a smooth dough and wake up for 20 minutes.

  7. The pork skin is taken out and cut into diced portions, and added to the sautéed crabmeat in portions. Stir well and wait for it.

  8. The awake dough is divided into small doses, and a portion of the dough is sliced ​​into a thin piece, wrapped in a filling, and wrapped into a steamed buns.

  9. Steam on the pot for 6 minutes, turn off the heat, and uncover it after 3 minutes.


Friendly reminder: Crab meat is brought to me by the Su Crab Colleague from the breeding base. Currently, the market can't buy it. Friends who want to make this crab yellow soup bag can wait until the hairy crab is listed. Friends without broth can be replaced with cold water, but the traditional technique is chicken soup. If conditions permit, it is best to use chicken soup. The soup in the soup bag is determined according to the water content in the filling. The production of the pork skin can not be too thick or too thin. When it is thick, it is thick and broth-free, and the skin is easily damaged. Therefore, it is well stirred. The pigskin is mixed with a proper amount of broth according to 1:1. Whether the soup is delicious or not has a certain relationship with the folds, generally more than 18 pleats, or even more. If less, the filling is not easy to cook. If you have more, the skin is thick and juiceless.

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