Recipe: Crab mushroom bamboo shoot chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab mushroom bamboo shoot chicken soup


Suitable for autumn warm-filled chicken soup, very warm and very cold.



  1. Whole chicken washed, flying water

  2. Crab-flavored mushrooms go to the roots, bamboo shoots cut, corn cuts, ginger cut 2-3 pieces, candied dates 1-2

  3. Put chicken and ginger in the casserole, boil over low heat for 1 hour.

  4. Add crab-flavored mushrooms, bamboo shoots, corn, and candied dates for 2-3 hours

  5. Seasoning with salt when you leave the pot


When the soup is simmered, the water should be added at one time, otherwise the soup will be vented. If the chicken soup can't be finished, it can be refrigerated in the refrigerator to form a frozen shape. If you need a soup when cooking, take some heat to open it! It is the homemade "rich soup treasure." He said: "Dear, come back on weekends and want to drink your soup." I said, "Okay!" Hearing a smugness in his heart. The colder the weather, the more hurried the home is. The door is not a cold pot, but a bowl of steaming soup and a warm smile. This kind of person is really happy. A woman who spends a lot of time working for you, can be assured of going home to be a wife. If you don't love it deeply, how can you copy the soup, prepare the ingredients, keep it by the stove for a few hours, wait for the soup to warm up, and wait for you to return home, this is a kind of grand enough gift. I think of a paragraph in San Mao's "The Restaurant in the Desert": "Hexi looked at me with a fascinating look. After marriage, he looked at me like a lover for the first time, and I was flattered. Unexpectedly, the day was flying. It’s like a female ghost.” I have been remembering this for many years, because this is the classic bridge that Sanmao produced for the cooking of Jose. If she is a woman, she will also unload her Chinese costumes. It is really beautiful to capture the hearts of her lover with a pot of delicious food. If you love, give him a pot of soup. For lover, family, and friends, the climax of life is not a day of snow and snow, sometimes just a bowl of chicken soup warm stomach, because soup is the most appropriate expression.

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