Recipe: Crab meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab meat


As soon as they enter the winter, the hairy crabs become more expensive. Most of the varieties of crabs that are born and born are worth a hundred dollars! And this cool stuff, we still can't eat more women~ So I peeled out the crabmeat and crabmeat and smashed it with oil and ginger. Seal the mouth into the refrigerator for storage (this production step will be later) In addition to the normal minced meat, I put some of this crabmeat into it. Inadvertently a small move, even let this little crab with a crab meat, how a "fresh" word! Every time I take a small bag, for me, it’s not a “package” but a “wrap”. It is necessary to wrap the little 馄饨 in the body, but not to form a thick one, how to pack, and see the following introduction!



  1. Preparation: Crab picks crabmeat and crabmeat and waits for it. Add minced meat, onion ginger and rice wine, mix the chopped crab meat into the minced pork and mix well.

  2. So, how do you pack the small squats that are not scattered in the water? Put the mink in the left hand and take a small filling. (The meat should not be put more or it is not easy to cook). Use chopsticks to gently cover the stuffing and around the skin. The left hand is held into a hollow fist. Slowly pull out the chopsticks, then put the fists in a little and spread the palms to see them. This wrinkled, seductive little cockroach is wrapped up.

  3. Take a large bowl, add a little chopped green onion, soy sauce and olives. Dip a few drops of sesame oil into a half bowl and roll for use.

  4. Put the water in a small pot. After the water is rolled, put it into a small pot and boil it. Add the cold water and boil it out. Put it in a large bowl of the soup and sprinkle it.

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