Recipe: Crab-flavored mushroom fried loofah

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab-flavored mushroom fried loofah



  1. Wash the loofah and cut the section of about 3 cm.

  2. The crab mushroom is cut to the root hoof, and a crab mushroom of about 3 cm is also used (to keep it as neat as the loofah).

  3. Purple cabbage cleaned up

  4. Ginkgo washed and spare. Red sharp spicy wash cut small circle spare

  5. Pour the oil into the pot and pour the loofah, crab mushroom, and ginkgo oil into the drained oil for 20 seconds. Put a little oily musk ginger and red spicy circle in the original pot and then add a little water to taste the thin glutinous rice. Add the loofah, crab mushroom and ginkgo to the pot and place it next to the purple cabbage.


Crab-flavored mushrooms are a kind of mushroom, and of course the nutritional value is the same. Loofah, to be honest, I am most afraid of burning, it is easy to black easily. Today, the method I cook is special. I first season the skin and then add the ingredients to stir it quickly. The purpose is to boil it. The next time I use the pan, it may be no problem. Ginkgo is slightly bitter, but experts say that eating more ginkgo can last a long time. I don't use MSG for seasoning. I use a kind of savory flavor that is extracted from vegetables. I have used it for many years and it is produced by Shanghai Guanshengyuan.

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