Recipe: Crab-flavored mushroom egg paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab-flavored mushroom egg paste


The people in the northeast can't leave the sauce~ Especially when eating noodles~ all kinds of fried sauce~ fresh and spicy appetizer, always eat support (≧∇≦)



  1. The crab mushroom is cleaned, washed, and cut into small pieces; the eggs are broken; the pepper is cut into pieces, and the onion is chopped.

  2. Put the oil in the pot, fry the eggs with oil (the oil temperature should not be too high, so the eggs that are fried out are tender), and the eggs are cooked.

  3. Then put oil, small fire, under the diced green onion, sautéed with sharp pepper, stir-fry the bean paste, then put the crab mushroom, then fry, the fire is not big, or the sauce is easy to paste! Put on the old color, sugar (a drop of fresh).

  4. Stir-fry ~ add water (not too much), add water starch 1 and 2 minutes after boiling, juice, complete!

  5. The next bowl of hand-baked noodles, a spoonful of fried sauce, with some iced cucumber, and a few more garlic ~ cool ~

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