Recipe: Court red jujube peanut

Home Cooking Recipe: Court red jujube peanut


The sweet and fragrant red dates are matched with peanuts and glutinous rice. The peanut butter made together is more delicious and sweet than ordinary peanut butter, and it is simple! ! By the way, the amount of this formula is relatively small, suitable for one person to eat, if more people eat, please increase the ingredients proportionally! By the way, this recipe is based on the small white vegetarian record, thanks to the small white vegetarian record!



  1. Peanut and glutinous rice for three hours in advance

  2. After three hours, remove the peanuts and glutinous rice, add the chopped red dates, pour into the blender, add 250 ml of water, turn on the stirring function, and break it.

  3. Use a sieve to filter out the impurities, pour the jujube peanut water into the pot, stir on a small fire until it is thick and ready to eat!


The mixer activates the mixer without heating!

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