Recipe: Corn batter

Home Cooking Recipe: Corn batter


In the splendid memory, the most eaten breakfast is this corn batter. After the autumn harvest every year, the relatives of the old family gave a lot of new cornmeal, which was very fine. Mothers like to drink corn batter, so every morning, I will drink hot corn batter. In just a few minutes, the batter is ready, with a fragrant fritter or biscuit, and the nutritious breakfast is solved. After the marriage, after Yangyang was six months old, she also gave her the corn batter, which was soaked in green biscuits. It tasted so delicious! Until now, this corn batter has to be on the table at least a few times a week. If you don't do it, Yangyang will shout to drink, haha, it seems that this is not a good habit of picky eaters, but also to cultivate from childhood!



  1. Three tablespoons of cornmeal

  2. Add water and stir while adding water until the cornmeal is in a thin paste.

  3. Inject a proper amount of water into the casserole. If you don't like too much, you can add less water.

  4. After the water is opened, slowly pour in the corn batter and gently stir while pouring to prevent the batter from agglomerating because the water temperature is too high.

  5. After the two kinds of corn batter are opened, drink the bowl.


Splendid every time you drink these two bowls, the fragrance of corn will make your appetite wide open. According to the data: corn is flat, sweet and light, and most people can eat. Moreover, it can lower cholesterol and brain. The cornmeal contains more calcium and iron, which can prevent high blood pressure. Spring is coming, spend a few minutes, make a pot of corn batter for your family, and let your body and mind feel comfortable!

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