Recipe: Coriander balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Coriander balls


Actually, I don’t know the authentic method of coriander balls. The trick is to add the parsley to the regular meatballs.



  1. Ten grains of pepper and warm water for 15 minutes

  2. The parsley is cut into fine powder and the amount is about 1/3 of the meat.

  3. Put a spoonful of rice wine, ginger or ginger powder, a spoonful of pepper, a spoonful of water starch

  4. Add a little bit of pepper water to work hard

  5. Add coriander and stir well

  6. Add appropriate amount of salt and sesame oil

  7. Put the water in the pot, wait until the water is bubbling, and then put in the mixed raw materials when you open it. I usually use a spoon to smash the balls at the side of the container to make the balls smooth. Sometimes I put on the disposable gloves and grab one. Put a lot of stuffed meat in the left hand, squeeze a ball out of the tiger's mouth and use a spoon to pry it down and put it in the pot.

  8. The meatballs float up and get out or slip or make soup.


1, the meat is generally selected to be fat and thin ratio of 3:7 is more appropriate 2, when whipping the meat stuffing must be played in one direction, until the strength is judged, the standard is that the resistance becomes larger when playing; 3, the meatball soup can be the soup of the meatballs, but you must remove the meatballs and add other ingredients after the foaming. I put the finely radish silk in the soup in the fourth day, and finally put the meatballs; 4, the end of the coriander must be cut enough, put a little bit of cooking oil before mixing the meat, mix well, to maintain its emerald green.

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