Recipe: Cordyceps mushroom stewed chicken noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Cordyceps mushroom stewed chicken noodles


My mother's acute periapical periodontitis can only eat liquid food. But, my mom always has a large amount of food. In order to let my mother eat well, I plan to make noodle soup for dinner. Because of the inflammation, the beef and mutton are removed from the recipe, and the beef noodles are not considered. Wenbu mainly beats chicken, but after searching for a long time, he did not find a suitable noodle recipe, so he created this "Chongcao mushroom mushroom stewed chicken noodle", the mother said that it is delicious.



  1. The chicken legs are kneaded into a proper size block. The pot is made of hot water. After the water is opened, the chicken leg pieces are placed in the pot and the water is turned off. After the water is opened again, the chicken leg pieces are removed from the hot water, the blood foam is washed away, and the water is drained. Put in the basin

  2. Put the oil in the pot, and put 2 octagonal at the same time. After the octagonal slightly discolors the scent, put the chicken legs in the drained water, add the soy sauce after the stir fry, continue to stir fry a few times and add the soy sauce. At this time, the color can be Slightly deep, because you need to release water later, continue to stir fry, pour 4 tablespoons of oyster sauce, stir well and pour into the sand pot.

  3. Pour boiling water into the sand pot, add onion ginger, add the soy sauce according to the color of the soup, add a little salt and a little chicken powder, so that the chicken soup is a bit low. The fire will boil and turn to low heat for 20-30 minutes. Use this time to pick up the Cordyceps flower, Bailing mushroom, and crab mushroom.

  4. Cordyceps flowers and white mushroom, crab mushroom are stewed in the sand pot and chicken leg for about 1 hour. When the time is up, transfer the appropriate amount of salt. Use another pot to cook noodles, simmer the vegetables, and finally pour the cooked Cordyceps mushroom soup into the noodles.


1. Chicken legs are not recommended to stew too small, otherwise long-term stew is easy to remove bones 2. Like to eat chili can put a few peppers in the shabu-shabu (because the mother has wounds can not eat, so I did not put) 3 The spoon in the article is the spoon for eating. The soy sauce, soy sauce, and the amount of oil are not fixed. The small partners can increase or decrease according to their own tastes. In the words of the husband, how do the chicken legs and mushrooms are delicious, so you don’t have to cook. Superb 4. The type of mushroom is not fixed, the little friend wants to let go of the 啥~5. The salt that must increase the bottom taste must be put at first, and the salt should be increased as the water is reduced. It is salty and the chicken is dead, not good. If you put the salt in the end, the chicken can't get into the taste and it's not good. When you're cooked, you can adjust the salt according to your taste. Because it is noodle soup, it can be slightly salty. 6. I mix the chicken feathers with the noodles. The small partners can match all kinds of vegetables according to their own preferences, and the nutrition is balanced.

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