Recipe: Copy soy sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Copy soy sauce


Copying soy sauce is something that people don’t understand can stay unconscious. You can also google it yourself. It is a recipe for soul status in Sichuan cuisine~ Shenmazhong dumplings, garlic white meat, husband and wife lung slices, sweet water surface The fundamentals of the class cannot be copied from the soy sauce. If you want to get something different, you have to work hard. A few days ago, I chatted with 33 and copied the soy sauce and suddenly I wanted to do it. Although there are enough kinds of seasoning soy sauces on the market, they can still be found if they are used. However, the meaning of copying soy sauce seems to be more and more as a secret recipe for private secrets. If you do it yourself, you can do all kinds of tastes according to your own needs, and you can also make various innovations. After searching the information on the Internet, I did enough homework to do it, and I did three bottles to test it. Copying soy sauce recipes are basically soy sauce + sugar + spices, the specific flavors of all kinds of, in fact, personal preferences are so big. The ratio of sugar to soy sauce should be recognized as a 1:2 controversy, so the proportion of sugar and soy sauce that you like to adjust the amount of self-regulating is still exempted. There are countless experimental groups in front of you who have tested it. Don't go to be a victim again. Copying the soy sauce recipe is so big, success is largely due to the heat of the system, so pay attention to the conversion of time and size when watching the steps. Here is the best way to share the best of my 3 bottles. XD~[Tips are very important to see] The last risk warning: copying the soy sauce is too important, so there is no guarantee that it will succeed! Give a reference to the success of the test: a reddish-brown bright hanging bottle, the mouth is mellow, salty, sweet and tasteless, and the sweetness is not bitter.



  1. Put the pot into the clear water [big fire], boil, pour the soy sauce, the spiced powder [to the medium fire], boil, pour the sugar and stir until it is finished. [Turn the small fire] and cook for 25 minutes.


1, soy sauce must be selected pure soy sauce, can not use any seasoning type soy sauce that has been prepared (sucking soy sauce is more than a fork can not be used). How to distinguish pure soy sauce? It is very simple to look at the ingredient list and look for only a few soy sauces such as water, soy beans, (wheat) and salt. Any other additives will not work. This is the cornerstone of success and must be strictly enforced. In addition, when the soy sauce is poured, the amount of the spoon is poured, because usually the manufacturer will load more than the marked net content when filling. [If you can't find pure soy sauce, then use soy soy sauce.] It's not bad to recommend soy sauce on the Internet. But never use straw mushroom soy sauce! 2. Any ratio of any sugar can be half of the amount of soy sauce. However, taking 500ml of soy sauce as an example, adding brown sugar (150g) + rock sugar (100g) should be the best, but brown sugar (hard sheet) pieces are too much trouble, so it is recommended to use red sugar instead. 3, the spice, then you can find the dry goods to make up 5g, in fact, the species does not need too much general 3-5 kinds (such as star anise, cinnamon, tri-naphthalene, grass, fennel, etc.) is enough. It is too troublesome to buy the bagged allspice powder directly, but the finished product is not as fragrant as the direct use of spices. It is also possible to use no dried spices and only 25g of dried shiitake mushrooms. The finished product is similar to shiitake mushrooms. 4, there will be floating foam after the boiling of the soy sauce, for the time being, regardless of it, and finally fight together after the completion of the tanning. 5, after pouring the sugar and stirring until after the reaction, do not stir again, keep the small fire [micro boiling] state. (Everyone may not be the same definition of size fire, so take the micro-boiling - medium and small boiling!) 6. After the tanning system is finished, let it cool and put it into a sealed can.

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