Recipe: Cool fruit bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Cool fruit bowl


The crust is crispy, the creamy filling is smooth, the fruit juice is rich, and it is eaten in the mouth. The different tastes are combined, and the life with the dessert is perfect. (The amount of the material below can be made into a 6-inch fruit bowl, and the cream filling should be refrigerated before it is delicious.)



  1. Mix the low-gluten flour with the butter, knead it into a cornmeal, add water, and knead it into a meringue.

  2. Put the meringue into the mold and use a fork to garnish the bottom of the mold to prevent the scalp from bulging when baking.

  3. 175 degrees, bake for about 25 minutes, until the skin is fully cooked. During the baking process, the suede should be covered with a layer of beans or clean pebbles to ensure that the suede does not bulge.

  4. Baked clams are placed aside to cool off.

  5. Whipped creamcheese, Whipping cream and sugar to a smooth, grain-free finish.

  6. Pour the creamy sauce into the cool suede and smooth the surface with a spatula. Slice the fruit and decorate it on top.

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