Recipe: Cool crystal elbow

Home Cooking Recipe: Cool crystal elbow



  1. Wash the pig's elbow and pour it into the boiling water.

  2. I took the heat and clamped the hair. I couldn't find my little pliers. I had to use my eyebrows and I thought that the treatment of this pig's foot was really high!)

  3. Put the pig's elbow into the pressure cooker, let the water pass the pig's elbow

  4. Ginger chopped, scallion knotted and pepper mixed into the seasoning package, put into the pressure cooker, cook the cooking wine

  5. After venting, burn for 30 minutes

  6. Remove the pig's elbow, remove the bone and put it back in the pot, take out the seasoning package, add salt, chicken seasoning and then stew for ten minutes.

  7. Even the elbow soup is poured into a rectangular crisper and placed in the refrigerator for one night (or frozen for three hours)

  8. Take a slice of half a centimeter when you eat it, and serve it with the balsamic vinegar with the minced garlic.

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