Recipe: COOKIEBOSS Hazelnut Oatmeal Creamy Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: COOKIEBOSS Hazelnut Oatmeal Creamy Cake


At first, I saw the Oreo salty cream cake made by Coke sister, and the fire was burning in my heart. I thought of this with my friend last week when I wanted to bring a cake, but there was no Oreo at home, only a few pieces of cookieboss oatmeal cookies, I took a piece of crumb into the cream, so the oatmeal cookies were rich in nutty Perfectly blended with salty cream, it’s great to bring it to friends! ! Delicious! ! I also felt delicious and exploded, so I made it a second time and thought it was a worthwhile record. The first time I used the bottom of the hurricane cake, but because the cream was added with a lot of butter, the taste was similar to cream cream. After the cold, the taste was hard, and the hurricane cake was relatively soft, so this time it was changed to a sponge cake. The hardness of the cake pieces is much more sweet than the hurricane, and the taste is better.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First bake a sponge cake piece, I use the 28 square baking pan, three egg sponge cake roll square.

    First bake a sponge cake piece, I use the 28 square baking pan, three egg sponge cake roll square.

  2. Two cookieboss oatmeal cookies, two of them, doubled more than last time, crushed and opened in the bag. Believe me, don't feel bad, really delicious!

  3. The small pieces of butter are returned to room temperature and the fingers can be easily poked.

  4. Whipped cream with egg yolk and salt, mixed with warm water

  5. Butter and sugar powder are sent to the color whitish and the volume becomes larger. Add the cream mixture of the previous step in three times, and then completely dispense it every time and then join the next time.

  6. Add the crunched oatmeal cookies and mix them evenly with a spatula. Use the eggbeater to cover the cookies with your face. Don't ask me how to know.

  7. The cake pieces are cut into four pieces, and each layer is evenly coated with the cream of the previous step.

  8. Finally, put the hazelnut walnut and almond slices on top and finish

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