Recipe: Cooked red-haired crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Cooked red-haired crab


Red-haired crabs are known as hairy crabs in parts of North Korea and China, and are known as Iris crabs, Hokkaido hairy crabs, and big chestnut crabs in Japan. The red-haired crab is produced in the Sea of ​​Japan and is one of the "Three Crab Kings" in Japan. After the integration of the seawater of Okhotsk and the melting water of the iceberg, many plankton are produced. The red-haired crab grows in this seawater rich in nutrients, and the body and meat are quite full----Yes, this is the kitchen Afternoon tea.



  1. Buy a red-haired crab

  2. Washed, it's very clean, no need to brush the horse. Take care when picking it up, a bit tie

  3. Put a pot of water, put the wine, ginger. Throw in and cook for 20-30 minutes

  4. Cut the ginger into silk, or ginger. Throw into the vinegar and soak

  5. After cooking, use crab claws or large scissors to cut the crab claws. Super delicious and super delicious. Although quite awkward


Crabs average about 150 yuan. See the picture for size. The weakness of the Yangcheng Lake god code is really a sea crab. Good and delicious (╯_╰)╭ means that you have never eaten crabs to eat enough. And there are still 4 crabs and 15 people to eat. Life is complete.

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