Recipe: Condensed milk taro

Home Cooking Recipe: Condensed milk taro


The taste is better than what Wufeng sells outside, the three are much better, the key is not added.



  1. Pour condensed milk into a bowl and add milk. Mix well, add yeast, stir evenly, let stand for five minutes.

  2. Pour the mixture from step one into the flour and stir it into floccules with chopsticks.

  3. Knead the dough to three light, add lard and simmer for twenty or thirty minutes, cover with plastic wrap and place in warm place for fermentation.

  4. Take out the exhaust when it is 2.5 times larger, and then take it for a while.

  5. The dough is kneaded into a column shape, cut into uniform heads, and placed on a steamer with oil paper for secondary fermentation, about twenty minutes.

  6. Steam for 10 minutes on fire. Do not open the cover immediately, and then open it after five minutes, so as not to cause wrinkles in the skin of the skull.


Add lard to whiten the taro

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