Recipe: Comfortable instant noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Comfortable instant noodles


When I am alone at home, I don't want to cook hard. When I work overtime, I want to eat a bowl of hot noodles quickly. Today, this comfortable instant noodle is very suitable. Haha, I have the secret of poached eggs.



  1. Make hot water and put it under the pot

  2. Make an egg on the uncooked surface

  3. Feel free to throw a few quick-frozen dumplings (my is the Wanchai pier, the filling tastes good)

  4. If you season, cook for a while

  5. When you are ready, just throw a clean green dish :)


Many comrades will complain that poached eggs are not good. The trick I found is: first, instant noodles, when the instant noodles have not been cooked, put an egg on the surface, so that you can eat a few poached eggs that are cooked at will~~ ~~

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