Recipe: Colorful mustard fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Colorful mustard fried rice


Lazy people like fast food and other things really suit me, especially breakfast, you can get it in a few minutes. The color tastes super good, it seems that the appetite is greatly increased, and with the mustard in it, the crunchy taste is very high. I ate a big bowl this morning...············



  1. Wash the bell pepper, round the bell pepper &

  2. The sausage is also cut into small Ding, because I use the mini breakfast intestines, which is very small in itself, and it is good to cut the two halves into small pieces.

  3. Hot pot, pour oil, chopped green onion, stir fry eggs. Here is a secret that if you use chopsticks, the eggs will become a lot, hahahaha~

  4. After the egg is slightly shaped, put it into a bell pepper and stir fry.

  5. Add rice, stir fry and stir evenly. In the process, you can add a little water properly, because the water loss of the overnight meal is a bit dry, but you must not add too much water, otherwise the cup has a =. =

  6. Put the sausage and the mustard, stir fry and add a little salt to the pot.


1. Add a little water to the stir-fry over the night, don't overdo it, or you'll get it all into a cup. = 2. Because of the relationship between sausage and mustard, it has a salty taste, especially mustard, so when you finally put salt, you must put less! ! ! 3. For one person, the ingredients of the horse don't need to put too much, otherwise it will be a big pot.. I used one egg, half a bell, two very small. Small breakfast intestines······

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