Recipe: Cold wood fungus flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold wood fungus flower


Husband loves to eat cold fungus, I love to eat Cordyceps, there is this dish. It's delicious, but the first time I do it, the weight of the seasoning is that I slowly try to slowly test it out. Re-measure the amount next time. time consuming: Cost: 10 yuan (Chonghuahua 6, fungus 2, parsley 0.5, garlic 0.5)



  1. Wash the black fungus hair, the Cordyceps flower and cook it in water. Put it in a large bowl, add garlic and sugar, and salt for a little pickle.

  2. Put the pepper powder and chili powder into the small pot about 1:3. Heat the oil in the pot, and pour it into the small pot filled with pepper after the oil temperature is slightly back.

  3. Add chili oil, balsamic vinegar and sesame oil to the mixing bowl, wash the parsley and mix well.

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