Recipe: Cold watermelon rind

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold watermelon rind


Low-cost heat-clearing summer food



  1. Watermelon peel removes green skin and cuts into thin slices

  2. Carrot shredded

  3. Add some salt to the pot and boil the watermelon

  4. Remove and drain

  5. Carrot silk is also picked up

  6. Mix the squash and carrots in a large container

  7. Add chopped green onion and minced garlic

  8. Pour the sauce with water, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt and chicken essence

  9. Mix well and serve


What I am doing is the cold watermelon rind. The cold sauce used is the sauce of the sea bream that was used when I returned to China. I used the right amount of water, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt and chicken essence to make the sauce. It is the key, you must put it, otherwise the taste will be much worse~ At that time, I was very delicious when I was eating the sea bream that I made. I just remembered the ingredients of the sauce. I want to say that I can use it when I want to eat it~ This time I use the cold melon skin, I want to try the previous notes. The sauce that comes down, look at this cold sauce is not suitable for mixing -----hehe ~ practice proves: this sauce is used to mix watermelon skin is too worthy, not inferior to the cold sea 蜇 ha ~ Not only that, I think the watermelon rind so mixed out looks very powdery, so I decided to use this watermelon rind instead when I want to eat it in the future ---- it is simple to make and tastes great~ ~ In the absence of waste, the watermelon rind itself is really a treasure trove - the Chinese medicine said that the watermelon rind is "watermelon cassia", which has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat and thirst. At this moment, the weather is hot. In such a hot summer day, eating a plate of cold watermelon skin is really a pleasure and a relief.

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