Recipe: Cold walnut flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold walnut flower


Walnut flower is fresh, fresh and tender, and removes the natural stem of the walnut flower with natural color and green color. It is carefully processed and has a light brown or dark black surface. It is green or gray after reduction. Restore its natural form and color, aroma, taste and nutrients. Walnut flower is rich in vegetable fat oil required by the human body. Its main components are linoleic acid, oleic acid and linolenic acid glycerin, and it is rich in protein, carbohydrate, vitamin C and vitamin B. It has brain and clear heart. The function of the asthma and the intestines. For the prevention and treatment of brain pain, kidney deficiency, low back pain, soft feet, cold and cold cough, dry stool. It is a good meal for people. Reference:



  1. Walnut flower and blisters are taken out for 2 hours, and the colored peppers are cut into strips.

  2. Boil the boiled water in the pot, add some peanut oil, first cook the cooked peppers and remove the cold water, then put the walnuts in the pot and cook them. Remove the boiled water with the colored peppers, cool and pick up.

  3. Mix all the ingredients together and sprinkle with white sesame seeds on the plate! It feels better when you put it in the refrigerator!

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