Recipe: Cold salad with spinach and peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold salad with spinach and peanuts


Favorite to eat cold salad!



  1. Peanuts are actually the rest of the meal, the practice is very simple: add more oil than the amount of cooking in the pot, peanut cold oil into the pot, stir fry until the peanuts sizzle slightly yellow, you can Out, sprinkle a small amount of salt and mix evenly;

  2. Wash the spinach, put it into the boiling water until the spinach becomes soft, remove it, let it stand in cold water for a while, then remove it, squeeze the water above, cut into small pieces;

  3. Mix the spinach and peanuts and mix well, mix the seasonings and mix well;

  4. Seasoning practice: 1 scoop of soy sauce, 2 scoops of Zhenjiang vinegar, a few drops of sesame oil, 1 scoop of Laoganma (or garlic) (optional), appropriate amount of pepper (optional), salt mixed evenly, then poured can.


1) The time of spinach is very short. In less than one minute, it must be placed in cold water to keep the color green and bright; 2) The seasoning is prepared according to personal preference, usually the amount of soy sauce and vinegar is 1:2. If you don't like acid, you can reduce the amount of vinegar.

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