Recipe: Cold radish seedling

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold radish seedling


Today, I made a salad with vegetable sprouts. This vegetable sprout is the radish seedling. I saw it on the morning market. It was tender and tender. It was very gratifying. I immediately bought a pound, but quite a lot. Wash it and eat it directly. I used it for cold salad. I ate it for two meals. It felt like a rabbit eating grass, just for people who want to lose weight.



  1. It is to pick up the radish seedlings and put them in a large glass bowl.

  2. Put salt, sugar, vinegar, and fresh vegetables into the mix.

  3. Put some minced garlic, sesame oil, and chili oil in and mix well. A refreshing side dish of cold radish sprouts is freshly baked.

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