Recipe: Cold pitaya peel

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold pitaya peel


The peel of the dragon fruit contains very precious nutrients - anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that are more than 10 times more potent than carotene and can retain activity in human blood for 75 hours. It protects the body from harmful substances, free radicals, and helps prevent a variety of free radical-related diseases. Anthocyanins can enhance blood vessel elasticity, protect the inner wall of arterial blood vessels; lower blood pressure; improve skin smoothness, beauty skin; inhibit inflammation and allergies, improve joint flexibility, prevent arthritis; promote rhodopsin in retinal cells Regeneration, improve vision; also has anti-radiation effects. Anthocyanins maintain the body in many ways.



  1. Wrapping the branches and leaves on the surface of the dragon fruit, using a peeler to cut off the outermost skin, and then digging the dragon fruit into two pieces of meat (when it is eaten).

  2. Wash the remaining skin and shred it into a light salt water.

  3. Take out the control and control, according to your taste, put white vinegar, sugar and mix well~~

  4. (2014.7.3 increase) If you want to eat sweet mouth friends, 2, 3 steps are omitted! ! After shredding, add sugar or honey directly and mix well! It is much better to eat like this! Do not believe that you will know when you try...


1. Chopped pitaya skin has a sticky feeling of yam, so it is better to soak the light salt water. In theory, no bubbles will better maintain nutrition....嘿嘿... 2. Some friends may not adapt to this sticky taste, please feel free to ask~~~

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