Recipe: Cold pig ears

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold pig ears


This is a quick hand cold dish



  1. Pig ears bought by the delicatessen

  2. Cut the scallion with white silk and soak it in a bowl filled with water

  3. Cucumber shredded spare

  4. Pig ears, green onion, cucumber, a little salt, a spoonful of balsamic vinegar, half a spoonful of fresh a spoonful of sugar, mix well and put a little chili powder according to your own wash

  5. Pour the chili oil into the hot pot, add two dry red peppers, heat the oil and mix it on the chili powder. Mix with the disposable gloves and the pig's ears.


1. The pig's ear itself has a salty taste. It is not necessary to put more salt. 2. Use a disposable glove to mix it and mix it evenly.

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