Recipe: Cold peas, kale, corn shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold peas, kale, corn shoots


Clear and refreshing cold dishes, the color is also very pleasing to the eye. After adding a small amount of mustard, there is even the illusion of eating sashimi~



  1. Dutch beans go to the head, the oblique knife is everything; the corn shoots are cut into hobs; the kale is cut into strips.

  2. Boil the water in a large pot, add a small amount of salt, first the kale, then the peas, and finally the corn shoots. Cook with hot water, but in order to maintain the crispness, remember not to take too long.

  3. Rinse and cool with cool white

  4. Add a small amount of mustard and sesame oil to the fresh June, pour in the vegetables that have been cooled, and mix well.

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