Recipe: Cold pea sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold pea sprouts


In the supermarket, I saw the pea buds by chance. These little guys are particularly cute and cute. To be honest, I didn't think about how to deal with them when I bought them. On the way home, I was thinking hard. It would seem a pity to speculate directly, and wasted their nutrition. So, let's cool down.



  1. After the pea buds are washed, the hot water is used, and the cold water is removed.

  2. Drain the water after the bean sprouts and put in a large bowl.

  3. Add sesame oil, minced garlic, salt, vinegar, red pepper and other spices, you can add and subtract according to your own preferences. After mixing well, marinate for ten minutes.

  4. Dangdang, started.

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