Recipe: Cold okra

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold okra


On November 6th, Phoenix Satellite TV "Beauty Private Kitchen" introduced the cold okra, I recorded the cooking process. The next day, I prepared the ingredients and tried them. It was very successful. Cold salad okra is a side dish. Okra (okra), also known as croissant, is crispy and smooth. More vitamins, low fat, low calorie, no cholesterol, high nutrition. I will share this dish with everyone.



  1. When the water in the pot is slightly opened, put the whole okra into it (do not cut it, otherwise it will lose nutrients, the mucus of okra is very helpful to the stomach), put some salt in the pot to prevent the sputum from being burnt to yellow. Slightly simmer it, the color will go out of the pan, not the hot one.

  2. Add water to the bowl, ginger shredded, red pepper cut small section, pepper, 2 octagonal, salt amount, sugar (may add more), stir evenly

  3. The simmered okra is slightly cooler. After cutting it, the okra soaked in the sauce takes 2 to 3 hours to slowly taste. If you like iced, you can put it in the refrigerator.


Okra should not be cut, but it will lose nutrients. The mucus of okra is very helpful to the stomach. The okra is marinated in a rich soup to make it taste crisp, smooth and not greasy.

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