Recipe: Cold Malan

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold Malan


Malan, also known as Malan Head, Horse Vegetable, Roadside Chrysanthemum, Malangtou, etc., has been recorded in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": Malan, the stroke is non-toxic, clearing away heat and detoxification, protecting the liver and protecting the liver, breaking blood and nourishing blood. It has a certain therapeutic effect on various liver diseases, hemorrhoids, pediatric hoarding and maternal health care.



  1. Malan can buy dehydrated Malan, soaked in boiling water for twenty minutes, then Malan can be soaked

  2. Cut the maran and the fragrant dried into fine granules, like filling, then add MSG, sesame oil, salt, a little sugar and mix well.


The square I made here is to use the mold to put the dish into the compaction and then pour it into the dish, so that a small shape can be made to increase the aesthetics of the dish.

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