Recipe: Cold konjac chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold konjac chicken


Low-calorie beauty dish



  1. Konjac or konjac blocks, supermarkets can buy. Open the package, rinse it out, cut into pieces of konjac silk, then simmer the konjac silk, then pick up the cold water, control the water and put it into the big bowl.

  2. The chicken breast is shredded, and the soy sauce and a little salt are marinated in advance. Then fry the chicken with a little oil

  3. Also need red pepper, yellow pepper, onion, onion, cut and thrown into the big bowl of enchanting silk

  4. Also add a little apple silk, after the apple is shredded, soak a light salt water, add lemon juice and mix it, and pour it into the big bowl. You can add a little bean sprouts as you like. If you put bean sprouts, you must scald cold water in advance.

  5. Take the big bowl just now, pour the chicken shredded pork, add soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, salt, vinegar (or white vinegar + lemon juice), like spicy and then a little spicy oil, mix well and eat, tastes good

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