Recipe: Cold iced milk tea in summer

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold iced milk tea in summer


The ideal afternoon for a tea girl is this: a sweet and thick caramel milk tea in a winter pot, and a smooth, silky milk tea in the summer. Flip through the book, look at the sky, then go running. What do you say in that sentence? "If you feel that you have not done well recently, you have no reading, or you have no exercise: if you feel very bad, you must have no study or exercise." Can't agree more! At that time, you can do some freezing and freeze together for one night, and cut the pieces into the next day. Icy milk tea + silky alcohol milk jelly feels so wonderful ~ (Fangzi taste casually under the kitchen search on the line ~)



  1. Put the black tea leaves/bags and fine sugar into a glass bottle, pour in boiling water that is a little higher than the tea leaves, and cover the lid for a while.

  2. After the tea is discolored, pour in the right amount of milk and condensed milk, stir it, and put it in the refrigerator for a night.

  3. Drink the next day.


Adjust yourself according to your taste. I use 4g tea, 10g sugar, 30g condensed milk, 200g milk, you can refer to it. [The milk tea brewed in this way is not as rich as the pot.] But I think it’s just good to drink in the summer.

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