Recipe: Cold fungus fans

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold fungus fans


Very delicious cold dish, fungus detoxification and decontamination, sweet potato fans Q play refreshing, very suitable for summer consumption~



  1. The fungus and the fan are respectively soaked in warm water, then the fungus is washed with a small flower, the carrot is shredded, and the garlic is minced;

  2. Boil the water in the pot, drop a few drops of oil, put the water into the fungus and remove it into the cold water, then pass the cold water after the carrot wire is burnt;

  3. Fans, fungus and carrots are put together, mixed with minced garlic, sesame oil, seafood sauce, vinegar, pepper and a pinch of salt;

  4. Heat the pot with a little olive oil, add the pepper to a small fire and fry the pepper oil, then remove the pepper and evenly mix the hot oil in the pot on the mixed cold dish. OK~


There are enough seasonings, so it is necessary to put less salt; The last step is very important, the hot oil will make the fragrance of the garlic and spices before. The taste of cold dishes is not salty but very fragrant. Give it a try. Feel free to play, or put some other spices to experiment.

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