Recipe: Cold fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold fungus


Fungus is a good thing. The texture of the fungus in the northeast is especially good. It grew up in the northeast, so I often eat fungus. I went home the summer before. My sisters brought some fungus back. A while ago, 00 and my boyfriend gave me some fungus. It took a while. The fungus can be fried, can be mixed, and can be used as a soup. I like it. The fungus must be soaked, cleaned and boiled. It will be delicious after removing the odor. Therefore, although it is a simple salad, it is necessary to do every step.



  1. Soak the fungus and wash it

  2. Garlic chopped (or mashed into mud)

  3. Fill the pot with water, boil it, put it into the fungus, remove it for 60 seconds, remove the cold water, drain the water and put it into the basin.

  4. Put all the seasonings and mix well.


Put the fungus in warm water, then add the salt, soak for half an hour to make the fungus soften quickly; Add the fungus to the warm water, then add two spoonfuls of starch, then stir. In this way, fine impurities and residual sand particles of the fungus can be removed. Soak in water for 6-10 hours, the bubble time is softer, and the bubble time is shorter; If you soak in hot rice soup, it will be more fat and soft in 10-30 minutes, the taste is more delicious, and the taste is more refreshing.

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