Recipe: Cold fragrant dried malan head

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold fragrant dried malan head



  1. Malan head washed, drained

  2. Dry cleaned and cut into strips, boiled in boiling water and then cut into spare

  3. Malan head into the boiling water, add a few drops of cooking oil, cook for 1 minute, remove and drain the water, cool, chopped

  4. Add salt, soy sauce, allspice, sugar, sesame oil and other seasonings, mix well

  5. Continue to add chopped fragrant dried and stir well

  6. Loading, compaction. Inverted in the container


1. When Malan head is boiled, put some cooking oil to keep the color. Don't burn it for too long. 2, the finer the Malan head and the fragrant dried, the better the taste, the more delicious.

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