Recipe: Cold fern root powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold fern root powder


Tomorrow is the weekend. Due to the shrinking of the May Day holiday, I have to work more than one day this week. Oh, I am not used to it. I feel very long. I don’t know when I started from the hateful weekend and turned into a strong expectation. Maybe It’s a subtle change in my life. I like more and more weekends that I can control at will. Everything becomes irregular and everything becomes arbitrary. Hehe! Every time, whether you are a self or a colleague, everyone likes to order a delicious cold fern root powder before reading the recipe, and every time you attend a wedding reception, it also appears frequently on the table. Popularization, everyone is more loyal to it, that is, refreshing and healthy, every time this dish will bottom out, hehe! Let's do it yourself today, and continue to learn and innovate, hehe!



  1. Fern root powder is boiled in boiling water for four minutes, then used for cold water

  2. Take a bowl and add salt, soy sauce, oil pepper, pepper, sugar, cooked white sesame, chicken, sesame oil and vinegar. (Make sure to put more, the more acidic the taste is, but the friends who don’t like it can put it in moderation. a little) warm water and stir evenly

  3. Pour the prepared juice into the fern root powder and stir well. Finally, mix in the end of the parsley.

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