Recipe: Cold chicken chop

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold chicken chop


As soon as the New Year is over, every household will inevitably be a big feast, and it will definitely be a must for the seven bowls and eight dishes on the table. This is definitely a cold dish. There are a few good things in the cold dish. One is simple. You can copy the water or the salt and taste it. You can do it in advance. You can do it in advance. The stewed dish can even be put in a week or so. Time is convenient and quick, make more than a few varieties, brush the code on a circle, so that guests can have chopsticks when they wait for the dishes, not to hungry, etc., plus the cold dish has a taste, wait until When the main dish is served, your guests will have a better taste to taste. It’s awesome! Therefore, every year in the New Year, my aunt's family will prepare seven or eight kinds of cold dishes for guests to taste. Friends who want to have a feast at home can also try it. They will not buy some semi-finished products and come back to the table. It is also very interesting!



  1. Baked chicken with 200 grams, sliced

  2. Balsamic vinegar, salt, chicken, pepper, red and green pepper, cooked sesame, minced garlic, ginger, chili oil, sesame oil

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