Recipe: Cold beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold beef


The beef is self-breeding, and the weather is hot and it is best to eat it with porridge.



  1. Marinated beef slices. Ginger ginger + garlic + dried chili powder is chopped and set aside.

  2. Cut the beef into a plate, add pepper + MSG + vinegar + sugar + soy sauce + onion + parsley.

  3. Pour the cooking oil into the pot. After the heat is added, add ginger and garlic to stir fry, which will stimulate the aroma of the ingredients. Finally, drain the paprika and pour it directly into the pre-packed beef dish.

  4. The small sesame oil can be eaten after mixing with the seasoning.


The reason why the dried chili powder is finally put is that it is worried about the fire, and the chili powder is fried, so it is too unattractive; the pepper powder can be spread on the beef, and the oil is used to heat, which is beautiful and stimulates the taste of the food.

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