Recipe: Cold bean sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold bean sprouts


Summer refreshing side dishes.



  1. Preparation: Wash the bean sprouts. Wash the green pepper and cut the seeds. Wash the garlic and cut into minced garlic. Burn a pot of water in the pot.

  2. After the water is opened, the bean sprouts are placed in a hot pot. Don't be too familiar, seven or eight achievements can be. Then pick it up and pull it out with cold water. Place it in the basin. Then put the green pepper into the simmer and simmer until the seven or eight mature, pull out the cool, put it on the bean sprouts.

  3. Put the right amount of salt, a little soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and sugar. White sugar is mainly fresh, and finally there is no sweetness. Place the prepared minced garlic on the green pepper and place a spoonful of chili noodles. Heat the oil in a pot and pour hot oil over the chili noodles and minced garlic. You're done, you can eat it directly after stirring.


Pay attention to time when you are hot. If the seasoning is not allowed, you can put it slowly and try it.

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