Recipe: Cola chicken leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Cola chicken leg



  1. After washing the chicken legs, directly smash into pieces, do not need to go to the bones, do not pay attention to sell their own home, so that the taste is better

  2. Add the cooking wine to the pot, add ginger, ginger, shallot, salt for 20 minutes, slice the onion

  3. Put the oil into the pan and put the oil on the onion, then sauté the scent, then marinate the chicken legs, then the ginger slices, the shallots, stir-fry the sauce for a few minutes, then the octagonal, the pepper continues to stir fry, add a cup of boiling water

  4. After the water is opened, move the chicken pieces into the casserole, because the casserole stew is delicious.

  5. Dangdang, now please play an important role, add a can of cola, three spoons of soy sauce

  6. The fire is boiled and changed to a small fire. After the chicken legs are smashed, the soup is dried and sticked to the chicken pieces.


Cola contains softened flavoured soda and contains sugar, which can be used to cook chicken wings, chicken legs, ribs and other meats, which can make the meat taste smoother. Adding onions to the dish can increase the sweetness of the dish, but first fry the onion with the chicken legs, let the sweetness be released, then pour it into the casserole, and make the dish delicious and slightly sweet. taste. Chicken legs should be sautéed with onions before cooking with cola After the chicken legs are cooked, the fire should be opened for the fire. Because the sweetness of the vegetables is slightly heavy, the sugar can not be added, otherwise the taste will be too sweet.

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